About Emad Batayeh

Emad was born on October 3rd 1982, to a loving Jordanian family. Emad is the youngest of six wonderful sisters.  It was not long after Emad was born, that he grew a remarkable passion for his music.  Emad watched his father, who was also a musician, play the keyboard and followed in his footsteps.  At the age of 5, he was known as the "kid genius", through tv and parties he attended.  Soon after he became a keyboard player for most of the local singers.  Emad was very shy, but grew out of it and became a "one man show".  Emad always wanted to be on top, so  he put his band together and started  hosting parties and weddings when he was only 17 years old. Emad took his profession seriously, which resulted in a grreat increase of his popularity in a short period of time.   Emad excelled in his music studies for ten years and recieved many awards and outstanding acheiements at an early age. In 2004 Emad  received  the "best singers award" by composer Samir Isfeir.  Emad released 7 albums singing songs from the best of the best.  Recently Emad shot his first video titled "igrah min tani" composed and written by Salah El Kurdi, and arranged by Fadl Shakers mistro and keyboard player, Saleh Mousa.  The video was shot in Orlando,  Florida by the very brilliant director Yung AL.  The music video has been on the top ten for eight consecutive  weeks and is still being played all over the Arabic and American broadcast stations.  Emad is now working on his second single "Ya 3bishoom 3layki ".  It was written by Scandar Fares, composed by Salah El Kurdi and is being arranged by Roje Khouri .  Roje Khouri composes for the  Lebenese  singer , Fares Karam.  It is excpected to be out the middle of August.